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There is not a unique standard solution for every business question. That is why we always try to find YOUR way, instead of trying to adjust your needs to our solutions.

Our work is based on solid primary and secondary qualitative and quantitative research, and on ad hoc programs based on our diagnosis.

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Marta Delgado

She has a weakness for the multi-country studies, that allow her to exercise her passion for dissection of reality in their different layers. In her comprehensive analysis approach, she identifies and isolates the influence of socio-cultural, demographic and attitudinal dimensions, and the interaction among them. This gets to the person’s essential needs, -which are timeless and shared with other human beings. From them, the brand or organization can built a genuine and aware connection with their public.

Since 1994, she has managed qualitative and quantitative research projects for multinational companies and public institutions in Madrid, Boston and London. Marta has worked both with clients that are B2B and B2C focused, in a variety of industries, from automotive (Renault, PSA Citröen, Seat), to pharma (Pfizer, Abbott, Doxa Pharma, Shire, Win Healthcare), finance (BBVA, American Express, Axa), socio-political (political parties, Spanish Center for Sociological Research, Ministries), and FMCG (P&G, Danone, Florette).

Marta has previously worked in MDResearch (founder), Grinta and Metra Seis (currently Ipsos) in Madrid, where she was International Studies Manager during almost a decade; also in Boston, in the academic publishing marketing world at the multinational Jones & Bartlett Publishers, and in recent years, as a freelance researcher in London.

She has a MA in Social Sciences from the Center for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences, J. March International Institute and a BA in Political Sciences and Sociology from Complutense University of Madrid. She has also studied postgraduate courses at Harvard University and carried out research as a Visiting Student at the University of Utrecht- The Netherlands. Since 2008, she has combined her research work with teaching graduate courses in applied social research.

Mar Madrid

Contributing to and helping other people’s development has been a constant in Mar’s professional career. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience and understands the importance of handling conflicts in a healthy way and the benefits that this provides to the person and their environment. Her methodology, that begins with an empirical focus and rises to the theoretical basis, favours the quick assimilation and intuitive incorporation of new concepts and experience. This enables the speaker to experience first-hand the impact it causes on themselves and their relations, developing communication skills and their emotional intelligence; and all this intending to obtain a more satisfactory, fulfilled and ultimately more healthy professional and private life.

Master in Mediation and Conflict Management by UCM. Mar has attended to more than 500 hours of training in NVC (Non-Violent Communication) methodology, with Spanish, American, Swiss, French, Belgian, English and Israeli professional trainers. She assisted a Master in Emotional Ecology by the AMBIT Foundation, she has also trained herself in Neuro-Linguistic Programming by the Human Potential Institute, Madrid. Additionally, Mar has followed studies on Communication and Leadership with the prominent media anchor Manuel Campo Vidal.

Originally a physical therapist, she worked for 20 years in Public Health hospitals and in her own private practice, where she discovered that many pains and illnesses were caused by emotional conflicts, this taking her to study and specialise in Mediation and Conflict Resolution, as well as other areas of Conduct Sciences. She taught at Universidad Europea of Madrid from 1997 to 2001.

Her vast multidisciplinary experience has taken her to collaborate with important companies and organisations, providing her Coaching, Training and Mediation services to both individual managers and teams. She currently is member of the Advisory Board of ATREVIA, a leading communication consultancy firm in Spain and Latin America, as well as being part of their team of Trainers and Speakers. Mar is Founder Member of the Association for Mediation, Encounter and Listening (AMEE in Spanish), that is implementing an innovative Restoring Justice program, in a prison in Madrid, Spain where Mar gives Training on Communication and Conflict Management, also carrying out Mediations. She is a contributor of the School of Non-Violent Communication of Spain.

We believe not only that every brand has its own character, but so too do the people that work with it — unique and individual like our approach to your challenges


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